Become Vendor, The Troprock Shop

Merch Made Easy

Why Choose The Trop Rock Store

You can profit from your troprock brand without lifting a finger.

We know no one is the troprock niche to get rich. We love the music and the community. However, we all have bills to pay. Now you can profit from your troporck brand and engage your customers at the same time!

Of course troprock is about the community. Merchandising also brings your fans close to your music or brand. The now can feel like they are part of the music or brand. The have pride in wearing a shirt with your brand.

Of course this sounds good, but merchandising is costly and a headache. Well at the there we take care of everything an there is no out of pocket expense. At The Troprock Shop we take care of your merch from A to Z. All you have to do is send your fans or clients to your store page and twice every month get your portion of the sale via paypal. 

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopQuick Payment

We will set you store up for you with a variety of products. You refer your fans to your page and we split the profit of everything that is sold. You share of the profit is paid via Paypal every two weeks. That’s right you could get payments to you Paypal every other week just by referring your fans

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopYour own store

You will get you own store website branded your name, logo and social media links. All products on that page are yours (not other vendors)! You just send fans to your page. Take a look at the pages we have already setup of bands or troprock brands. There currently is no set-up fees. It costs you nothing, ever!

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopYou own the customer data

With other online source to sell your merchandies,  you have no idea who has purchased your merchandise, you only know that you have made a sale. That’s not good for Troprock. As a small community you may want to send thank yous, add someone to your email list and more. At The Troprock Shop you get the name, address and email of everyone who buys from you. You can download a CSV file of all your customers.

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopComplete fulfillment

At The Troprock store we offer complete fulfillment options. We can fulfill any merchandise you may already have, such as CDs or stickers. You can sell products produced by us, or a combination of both!

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopDigital downloads

You can also sell digital downloads in your The Troprock Shop! Sell individual songs, albums, videos and more right from your store. Users will be granted immediate downloads after completing checkout. 

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopCommitted to the Troprock community and our environment

We love the troprock community. Our parent company, Salty Vibes LLC is a corporate sponsor of TRMA. We also support Friends of Lovers Key and Captains For Clean Water. We’ll see you at MOTB!

What We Do

Now that you know all the great advantages to The Trop Rock Shop, let’s look at what you get.

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopWe Produce items for you to sell

We print many items you can sell in your store. Everything form T-shirts, to bottle openers to shot glass. We only sell the highest quality products. No cheap t-shirts here. Every product is printed after it is sold so there is no inventory to buy. There is no cost to you, we just get a commission when a product is sold! Need a sample? We’ll send you one.

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopWe ship your products

We ship all products. As a small shop our turn abound time is much faster than the big companies. Most products are shipped the next business day. All products are shipped from our location in Florida.

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopWe securely handle checkout

We securely handle all checkout and process credit cards. Our site is safe for your fans to use.

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopWe collect and submit all Sales Taxes

We collect and pay all applicable sales taxes.

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopWe handle Customer service

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We handle all customer service needs such as refunds or exchanges. We understand these are your fans and they will be treated with respect.

Become Vendor, The Troprock ShopComplete back office reporting

You will get your own “back office” where you can track the performance of your shop. See pending commissions, sales, add products and more!

Profit Sharing

Fair and honest pricing

Our pricing is simple, after our cost of the item, all profits are split 50/50. Our suggested retail price for a basic men’s tee is $24.95. You would make around $8.75. 

So, sound too good to be true?

My name is Michael Forey and I live in St. Pete Beach, FL and love the Florida / troprock vibe. I have been selling shirt for several years now under my Salty Vibes brand ( I have the capacity to print one shirt at a time. Therefore, no shirt is printed until it is sold, eliminating the need for inventory. It is that simple. If you’re ever St. Pete Beach, let me buy you a beer at my favorite beach bar!

Ready to get started?

It easy to get started, just call or email me. My cell phone number is 727-685-7558 or email [email protected]. I look forward to answering any questions you may have. Of course feel free to check with Johnny Russler or some of the other artist, we have already set up.