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Trop Rock Shop is a unique online store. It that offers all types of trop rock-related merchandise and products. Thetroprockshop.com is owned and operated by Salty Vibes, LLC – saltyvives.net

If you are a troprock band or band looking to sell your  trop rock merchandise to customers, we provide an online platform for that purpose. Your target customer will find you here.

Our Story

Trop Rock or Tropical Rock is a relatively new genre of music that is created with a combination of various musical elements including rock and roll, reggae, country, and Caribbean music styles. It is famous for its laid back and relaxing flavor and tone, which are characteristic of the island vibes and the coastal themes.

Being a music enthusiast and trop rock lover himself, our founder, Michael Forey (of Salty Vibes) started this online platform in 2021, to help  trop rock bands and brands easily fulfill their merchandise. 2020 was a hard year for musicians, we want to help by allowing your fans to purchase your merch. 

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold. First, we want allow troprock bands and brands an easy to profit for their merchandise. Once a product of set up you just get your share automatically via Paypal every other week. Secondly, We troprock fans  authentic and high-quality trop rock merchandise at the most affordable prices. 

Our Products

As the brand name suggests, we only deal in merchandise and products that are exclusively related to troprock music genre. Ranging from t-shirts to mugs to beer glasses, we offer the widest and most diverse range of options to our vendors and customers.

We guarantee every product  is of the highest quality. We guarantee your happiness with our products or we will refund your money or replace the item – the choice is yours. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Our Vendor Services

We provide the most convenient, hassle-free, and affordable services to our vendors. You just set up your product. You drive your fans to your branded sales page and collect your share of the commission. We share all sales 50/50. Its that easy. Your share is paid biweekly by Paypal.

Our platform the ideal choice for your band or brands e-commerce needs.

With special emphasis on customer support, our professional team members are always ready to help you out in any time of confusion, queries, or problems.

Why Choose Us!

Identifying the need for an exclusive e-commerce platform for trop rock fans and vendors, we created this virtual world of beach galore and relaxing music wonderland.

If you have the ear and heart for something unique and extraordinary from tropical regions of the world, Trop Rock Shop is the place for you.

Helping bands create an effective presence in the virtual world, we provide all our customers with convenience, comfort, and trustworthy services that no other platform is offering right now.

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About, The Troprock Shop

About, The Troprock Shop